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School of Science and Health “We Were You” Event

Posted on Nov 20 by

Faculty members were once students too! Faculty in the School of Sciences & Health held a recent event titled “We Were You”, during which students were able to ask professors questions regarding classes, career paths, and how to find opportunities for research. The professors shared and related their personal experiences from when they were college students, to the current students at Emmanuel. They also provided advice on how they overcame uncertainties and pushed through their struggles as STEM students. The professors that were present for the panel were Dr. Nathan Lau from Chemistry & Physics, Dr. Ben Allen from Mathematics, Dr. Natalie Karagodsky from Biology, and Dr. Xiaowei Zhao from Psychology. Dr. Paul March, Associate Dean of the School of Sciences & Health, was present and led the panel discussion. One question that was asked was, “If I am struggling or failing a first-year chemistry/biology class, should I drop the class and retake it or stick with it?” Dr. Karagodsky and Dr. Zhao responded and first starting by saying “Never be discouraged! Being a freshman in college is a...


Meet Dr. Nathan Lau!

Posted on Nov 4 by

The Department of Chemistry & Physics would like to highlight our newest professor, Dr. Nathan Lau! Dr. Lau recently moved to the east coast from California and is teaching chemistry at Emmanuel College. He will be teaching CHEM 1102 – Principles of Chemistry II lab and lecture and CHEM 2115 – Inorganic Chemistry during this upcoming spring semester. Fun facts about Dr. Lau are that he enjoys spending time with his family, trying new restaurants in the city (specifically in the North End), and likes to exercise to de-stress! Dr. Lau’s favorite science class to take as an undergrad was inorganic chemistry. In an interview Dr. Lau explained, “Prior to inorganic chemistry, I did not really understand how chemistry, especially organic chemistry, fit together. At first seemed like a random collection of ideas that did not have a unifying thread. Once I learned about the applications of molecular orbitals in my inorganic classes, all of chemistry suddenly made sense. I could now see the logical thread that united my chosen field.” When asked what inspired him to go into...


Chemistry Club and National Chemistry Week

Posted on Oct 17 by

This upcoming week, October 20-26th, is National Chemistry Week (NCW)! NCW is an annual community-based program that unites members of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The goal of NCW is encourage individuals interested in chemistry to communicate and connect the importance of chemistry to their everyday lives in a positive way. The theme for this year’s NCW is “Marvelous Metals”. Students want to do something for NCW? Stop by the Fenway Room this Tuesday (October 22nd) at 6:45 pm to say hello to Emmanuel College’s Chem Club members! Chem Club gives students the opportunity to discuss chemistry outside of the classroom through activities, projects, open discussion, and volunteering opportunities. More than half of the club’s executive board is working on a research team, and they can help answer any questions on courses and how to find research opportunities on and off campus. Some upcoming activities/events for the club include pumpkin carving, a “Set Things on Fire” demo, a Mario Kart tournament vs the Biology department, and “Program in a Box” event through the ACS.  Chem Club normally meets Tuesdays at 8...


Alumna Ashley Smith ’15 Thrives Teaching High School Chemistry

Posted on Oct 7 by

Featured Alumna Ashley Smith, Class of 2015 At Emmanuel College, Ashley was a Chemistry major with a minor in Biology. Once she completed her undergraduate studies at Emmanuel, she attended the University of Pennsylvania to receive her Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education: Science. She currently works at Ridgefield High School as a Chemistry teacher, where she teaches College Prep, Honors and AP Chemistry. When asked what convinced her to pursue her career as a Chemistry teacher, Ashley explained, “When I was a sophomore at Emmanuel, Dr. Gerdon gave me the opportunity to be a tutor for General Chemistry through the Academic Resource Center (ARC). As a tutor I quickly fell in love with teaching. I loved being able to help students and see their “ah-ha moment” when the concepts finally clicked.” As well as being a tutor in General Chemistry, she went on to become a tutor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, and she was also a lab instructional assistant (IA). During her junior and senior year, Ashley became the leader of the science tutors for the...


The Chemistry of Ice Cream

Posted on Oct 2 by

The students and faculty of the Department of Chemistry and Physics gathered for an important discussion on the chemistry of ice cream in the Wilkens Science Center on Oct 2nd. Through careful experimentation (mostly tasting) we have concluded that ice cream tastes good and that chocolate syrup tastes even better when delivered in a (clean, never been used) sep funnel! Lots of interested students and future chemistry majors joined in the for the fun as well. Happy National Chemistry...


Dr. Allen Price, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics

Posted on Sep 17 by

The Department of Chemistry & Physics at Emmanuel College would like to introduce Dr. Allen Price as our new Department Chair! Dr. Price has been teaching at Emmanuel for eleven years and counting, offering courses in Physics, Biochemistry, Sustainability, and Energy and the Environment. Dr. Price also runs a research lab that specializes in using single molecule methods to study DNA-protein interactions. One of Dr. Price’s notable achievements in 2017 is that he was awarded his second National Science Foundation Research at Undergraduate Institutions grant. His proposal, “RUI: Elucidating the mechanisms of site specific DNA cleavage using single molecule methods”, was funded for over $340,00 and is being used to support undergraduate research in Biophysics. ~Written by Amanda Castelluccio...