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Upcoming Distinction in the Field Presentations

Posted on Apr 19 by

The Department of Chemistry and Physics warmly invites all to join us for Distinction in the Field Presentations Thursday, April 26th – WSC 409 1:00-1:50 pm – Krista Meserve – “Understanding the role of DNA as a template in calcium phosphate mineralization” 2:00-2:50 pm – Jason Miech – “Analysis of mineralization using microfluidics integrated with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance” 3:00-3:50 pm – Sadie Piatt – “Development and application of single-molecule TIRFM to the study of facilitated diffusion by type II restriction enzyme EcoRI” These presentations are open to the public. Any interested student or returning alum is welcome to...


Please welcome Assistant Professor Michelle Watt!

Posted on Apr 13 by

The Department of Chemistry and Physics is extremely excited to announce the addition of a new faculty member to our community. Dr. Michelle Watt will be joining our department in Fall 2018 as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry. Dr. Watt earned her Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of Oregon and has been teaching at Western State Colorado University for several years. We are excited for the knowledge and expertise that she will bring in organic and biochemistry. Dr. Watt’s research on campus will focus on organic synthesis, molecules that exhibit non-covalent interactions, and alternative monomers that could replace dangerous BPA-type plastics. Please welcome Dr. Watt to campus and to our department this fall...


Sophomore Pinning Tradition

Posted on Apr 9 by

This semester, the entire Department of Chemistry and Physics joyfully welcomed new sophomores into majors in Chemistry, Chemistry with Forensics Concentration, and Chemistry with Biochemistry Concentration. The tradition of Sophomore Pinning continued on April 7th and Dr. Gerdon, the sophomore class advisor, was on hand to congratulate each major and present them with their pin. The Chemistry Club provided snacks after the ceremony and a few were able to navigate through the masses of sophomores and their families for a small group...


Students Travel to ACS National Meeting in New Orleans

Posted on Apr 9 by

In March, seven members of the Emmanuel College Department of Chemistry and Physics had the opportunity to attend the 255th American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans. Members of Dr. Gerdon’s research group including seniors, Krista Meserve, Jason Miech, and Robert Tzepos, all had the opportunity to present their own posters on the research they have been working on since they were sophomores. Similarly, members of Dr. Sears’ research group including seniors, Francis Delano and Kellie Roche were able to present a joint poster on the research they have been working on since they were freshmen. All of the seniors have read the Physical Chemistry textbook written by Dr. Peter Atkins and had the opportunity to meet him and take a picture with him at the conference! After asking Kellie Roche what her favorite part of the conference was she said, “I really enjoyed being able to attend the different talks at the conference. A lot of the talks were in subjects we don’t always get  to talk about at Emmanuel like environmental chemistry or agriculture chemistry. It...


Price Research Group Presents at the Biophysical Society Conference

Posted on Mar 26 by

In February, Dr. Price and his research group attended and presented their research at the Biophysical Society Conference in San Francisco, CA. The group that attended included,  Raquel Ferreira 18’, Sadie Piatt 18’, and Stephen Parziale 17’. The research that the three presented on was entitled, “Measuring the kinetics of DNA cleavage with single-molecule resolution.” The group, led by Dr. Price and collaborating with researchers at Harvard Medical School, studies the facilitated diffusion of restriction enzymes on DNA. As always, it is great to see students getting to travel the country to contribute their on-campus research to the global scientific...


Alumni After Emmanuel: An Interview with 2015 Graduate, Sarah Faulkner

Posted on Mar 2 by

It is always inspiring and advantageous to hear about what alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Physics are up to and how they got there. This week I got a chance to speak with alumni Sarah Faulkner who graduated from Emmanuel College in 2015. First I asked Sarah what she liked most about the sciences at Emmanuel. Sarah said, “Before I made the decision to come to Emmanuel, my dad and I visited the school’s campus. We were wandering around the Wilkens Science Center when a science professor stopped us to ask if we had any questions that he could answer for us. He spent a half an hour chatting with me, asking me about my interests and learning about who I was. That meant so much to me – and that interaction is emblematic of the science department at Emmanuel. In the chemistry, biology, psychology and physics departments, you are not just one of many students; you are an individual with interests and ambitions.” There are so many things one can do with a Chemistry major. I...