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Dr. Allen Price, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics

Posted on Sep 17 by

The Department of Chemistry & Physics at Emmanuel College would like to introduce Dr. Allen Price as our new Department Chair! Dr. Price has been teaching at Emmanuel for eleven years and counting, offering courses in Physics, Biochemistry, Sustainability, and Energy and the Environment. Dr. Price also runs a research lab that specializes in using single molecule methods to study DNA-protein interactions. One of Dr. Price’s notable achievements in 2017 is that he was awarded his second National Science Foundation Research at Undergraduate Institutions grant. His proposal, “RUI: Elucidating the mechanisms of site specific DNA cleavage using single molecule methods”, was funded for over $340,00 and is being used to support undergraduate research in Biophysics. ~Written by Amanda Castelluccio...


New microscopy – Chemistry contributes to NSF MRI award

Posted on Aug 2 by

A proposal to the National Science Foundation titled ” MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope to Enhance Research Collaborations and Educational Needs among Colleges and Universities in the New England Area” has been approved for funding! This grant brings over $425,000 to Colleges and Universities in the New England area for the purchase of a top of the line Scanning Electron Microscopy instrument. Chemists at Emmanuel College contributed to this proposal and Emmanuel College is listed as a major user of the new instrument. This means that undergraduate students at Emmanuel will have new access to amazing materials characterization tools useful in chemistry, biology, neuroscience, and more. The instrument will be hosted at UMass Boston. Congrats to the Primary Investigators and to all student researchers. See the award post...


Commencement 2019

Posted on May 19 by

The Emmanuel College community gathered on a beautiful morning on May 11th to celebrate the Commencement of our senior class. Congratulations to all the Chemistry Majors graduating this year. We are proud of you for all of your hard work, determination, and drive. You are wonderful...


Distinction in Chemistry

Posted on May 19 by

Congratulations to Karissa Mehrtens ’19 on successfully defending her senior distinction thesis on Distinction Day, April 25th, 2019 at Emmanuel College. Karissa presented beautiful work on “Investigating the Mechanism of DNA Cleavage by EcoRI using Single Molecule Methods”. After graduation, Karissa will be continuing in the “4+1” program at Emmanuel College to earn her Masters of...


Internships Abound

Posted on May 8 by

Internships abound this summer for many Emmanuel College Chemistry Majors. Several students will be on campus over the summer engaged in research with faculty, including Alex Gousie working with Dr. Michelle Watt, Zack Zaleskas working with Dr. Allen Price, and Stephanie Colon and Alex Paige working with Dr. Aren Gerdon. Emily Pelletier will be on campus working with lab management. Additionally, two Emmanuel Chemistry Majors have been accepted into impressive internship research programs off campus. Elisabeth Lablue, a sophomore chemistry major, will be interning at Merck Research Labs in Boston. Natalie Silva, a first year chemistry major, will join a National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF REU)-funded program Kansas State University.  Elisabeth wanted to share that, “I have recently been accepted to become a 2019 MRL Chemistry intern at Merck Research Lab. I am very excited to work with others who have the same ideas and passions as I do. Research has always been very interesting to me, so being able to take part in creating and discovering new things, is an amazing opportunity. The MRL Chemistry summer internship...


Majors Meet Alumni

Posted on Apr 11 by

On Wednesday April 3rd, 2019, Chemistry and Physics faculty, students, and alumni gathered in the new residence hall to welcome the new chemistry majors, discuss the different career paths in chemistry, and celebrate the success of alumni out in the real world.  Emmanuel College’s Class of 2014 Victoria Perrone was the key note speaker. Victoria is a Chemistry Instructor and Director of Student Life at Boston University Academy. She discussed the different paths to becoming a teacher, as well as her journey to become a chemistry teacher. She shared the importance of teaching and the joys that come along with it. Victoria talked about one of her favorite projects that her students present throughout the year in the classroom. The project includes picking a topic of interest such as a sport, a favorite movie, or an everyday used product, and connecting/relating chemistry to that topic of interest. After Victoria’s presentation, students and faculty discussed with alumni their current jobs, research, and education.  The Chemistry and Physics department would like to thank the Chemistry Club for organizing the event and alumni for coming back...