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Alumni After Emmanuel: An Interview with 2015 Graduate, Sarah Faulkner

Posted on Mar 2 by

It is always inspiring and advantageous to hear about what alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Physics are up to and how they got there. This week I got a chance to speak with alumni Sarah Faulkner who graduated from Emmanuel College in 2015. First I asked Sarah what she liked most about the sciences at Emmanuel. Sarah said, “Before I made the decision to come to Emmanuel, my dad and I visited the school’s campus. We were wandering around the Wilkens Science Center when a science professor stopped us to ask if we had any questions that he could answer for us. He spent a half an hour chatting with me, asking me about my interests and learning about who I was. That meant so much to me – and that interaction is emblematic of the science department at Emmanuel. In the chemistry, biology, psychology and physics departments, you are not just one of many students; you are an individual with interests and ambitions.” There are so many things one can do with a Chemistry major. I...


A Chemist’s Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 11 by

Valentine’s Day. What does it mean to you? After a quick chat with senior Chemistry Major, Bobby Tzepos, we were able to learn that Valentine’s Day means, “a quick trip to Tasty Burger to treat yourself.” Senior Biology Major, Tanner Rogers, says “Valentine’s Day is a day where you appreciate chocolate and roses more than you would normally.” Finally, Dr. Ryvkin’s physical chemistry students say that Valentine’s Day means a nice dinner with your physical chemistry book on your lap and your notes scrambled in front of you. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Emmanuel College Chemistry Club will be selling science related valentines to benefit Emmanuel College Dance Marathon. Stop by the Jean Yawkey Center on Tuesday during activities period to pick up or send a valentine to the science enthusiast in your life! ~Written by Brielle Favole...


Founder’s Week: Chemists Upholding the Mission of Emmanuel College

Posted on Feb 4 by

This past week Emmanuel College celebrated Founder’s Week. This week-long event seeks to celebrate the Sisters of Notre Dame, the founding of the College itself, and the Mission the College seeks to uphold. This is one of the best times for the Department of Chemistry and Physics to reflect on ways that we, as a group, go out and uphold the Mission of the College, particularly related to service to the community. Each year members of the Department of Chemistry and Physics take part in National Chemistry Week which seeks to educate and engage the community, especially the younger generations, in a specific science topic. For example, the past NCW themes have have included “Colors of Chemistry” and “the Science of Rocks.” Another event that students take part in each spring is the Colleges of the Fenway Muddy River Symposium. All students enrolled in the Analytical Chemistry course discuss environmental impacts and collect data on water quality in the Muddy River and Emerald Necklace parks and in Boston tap water. Students volunteer to present the class findings at the...


Throwback Thursday to “Chemistry of Fire and Explosives”!

Posted on Jan 25 by

Throwback to year ago when Chemistry of Fire and Explosives, a two thousand level chemistry elective, was being offered. The course covers the different types of fire and explosives that exist in the world and their relation to combustion, fire-fighting, military, and forensics. Throughout the course, there are a variety of demonstrations done that are valuable when it comes to understanding the properties of fire and explosives and how they work in the world. Fire safety is another priority in this class and one of coolest demonstrations done last spring was the fire extinguisher training. During this training, students learned about the different types of fire extinguishes used to fight different fires. The different types of fire extinguishers include Class A which is ordinary combustibles like wood and paper; Class B is flammable liquids, such as gasoline or cooking oil; Class C is flammable gases like hydrogen and methane; Class D is combustible metals like magnesium and potassium; Class E is electrical equipment; and Class F is fires that have to do with cooking like cooking oils. These classes are...


1st Friendly Emmanuel Natural Sciences Seminar (FENSS)

Posted on Nov 22 by

The inaugural session of the new Friendly Emmanuel Natural Science Seminar (FENSS, for the Fenway) was held in October. This seminar series is jointly hosted by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and Psychology and will feature Emmanuel faculty, Emmanuel students, and esteemed invited scientists from across the Boston area. In this first session, Dr. Allen Price, Associate Professor of Physics, and Dr. Benjamin Allen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, presented about the research they each conduct on campus and beyond. Both research topics have to do with understanding and predicting natural phenomena in everyday life.  Dr. Price presented on, “How DNA binding proteins find their way: Your binding site is only a hop, skip and a jump away…” and Dr. Allen presented on “Evolution in time and space.” Dr. Price investigates the way in which DNA binding proteins are able to determine the specific location in the genome that they are suppose to bind to and quickly work. More specifically, it has been observed through sensitive techniques that proteins actually slide on a DNA molecule. Dr. Price...


NESACS Travel Grant awarded to Krista Meserve 18’ and Francis Delano 18’

Posted on Nov 12 by

Senior chemistry majors, Krista Meserve and Francis Delano, were recently awarded Grants In Aid ( to attend and present at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society conference in New Orleans this spring. Krista Meserve has been part of Dr. Gerdon’s research team for three years while Francis has been part of Dr. Sears’ research team since his freshmen year. Both research enthusiasts attended and presented at the ACS conference in San Francisco last spring. The travel award was highly competitive and covers part of the cost to travel to New Orleans to present the results of the research they have been doing over the years. It is so exciting to see such deserving students receive an amazing award such as this one. Wishing them both the best in their research and in New Orleans this upcoming spring! ~Written by Brielle Favole...