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Students Present work at the Biophysical Society Conference

Posted on Feb 25 by

Raquel Ferreira and Sadie Piatt traveled to New Orleans with Dr. Allen Price to present their work at the Biophysical Society Conference. The title of their work was “Measuring the kinetics of DNA cleavage with single molecule resolution”. Congrats Raquel and Sadie!  ...


GreenTown Labs Field trip

Posted on Feb 13 by

A group of ten Emmanuel students in the class “Energy and the Environment” went on a field trip with Prof. Eugen Panaitescu to Greentown labs, a Community Organization known as the largest cleantech startup incubator in the U.S. These students were very interested during the tour through the labs and were able to observe the incredible, cutting-edge technologies under development within the lab.  What usually was a 15-20-minute tour of the lab/prototyping space lasted a full hour. The field trip with Greentown Labs was a success as there was much interest shown. The students who took the course are from across the College which made the experience a memorable one for all....


Sadie Piatt and Raquel Ferreira Present Their Work at CUWiP and SPIN UP

Posted on Feb 13 by

Sadie Piatt and Raquel Ferreira presented their work at the conference for undergraduate women in physics, and at the Supporting Inclusion of Underrepresented Peoples (SPIN UP) Workshop, both at Harvard this January.  Way to represent Emmanuel!              ...


Rachel Philibert ’16 on her New Position at the Department of Safety and Homeland Security

Posted on Jan 30 by

Rachel Philibert ’16 is an Emmanuel alum and chemistry major. She just started working for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security located in Wilmington, DE. The full title of Rachel’s position is known as a Forensic Analytical Chemist I, in the Controlled Substance Unit, of the Division of Forensic Science in the Department of Safety. Rachel was kind enough to answer a couple of questions as to what led her to study chemistry, how she found her job, and her experiences at Emmanuel . Philibert is from the Manchester, NH area and chose to attend Emmanuel because of her love for the city and it’s small but beautiful campus. At the time, Rachel had wanted to be a biology major and Emmanuel seemed to be a perfect fit with many hospitals just within walking distance of the school.  Rachel graduated just last year and says she already misses it.     When asked why she chose to study chemistry, Rachel says that “When I started attending Emmanuel I had every intent to be a biology major. I did not like my chemistry class in high school and my biology teachers helped open the door to loving science for me.”...


Students invited to tour Harpoon Brewery by alumna May Le’15

Posted on Jan 24 by

Students traveled with Prof. Aren Gerdon to the Boston seaport for a tour of the Harpoon brewery, bottling facility, and science lab. May Le’15, QA/QC Technician and chemist at Harpoon, invited students and faculty on the standard tour, but added an additional tour of the lab and answered questions about the field she has embraced. Students were interested in seeing what career paths are available to chemists and in seeing an example of quality control in the food industry. Research students will continue to collaborate with May and Harpoon on chemical analysis of fermenting wort. Thanks...


Aren Gerdon and students publish in Chemical Communications

Posted on Jan 4 by

Congratulations to Keith Baillargeon ’16 and Krista Meserve ’18, Sarah Faulkner ’15, Samantha Watson ’15, and Hillary Butts ’13 on their recent publication in Chem. Comm. with Prof. Aren Gerdon and collaborator Prof. Padraig Deighan (Biology Department at Emmanuel College). Check out the abstract here: Baillargeon, K.R.; Meserve, K.; Faulkner, S.; Watson, S.; Butts, H.; Deighan, P.; Gerdon, A.E. “Precipitation SELEX: identification of DNA aptamers for calcium phosphate materials synthesis” Chem. Comm....