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Emmanuel Marches for Science!

Posted on Apr 26 by

On Saturday, April 22nd, members of the Chemistry Club were joined by Dr. Bryan Sears, Dr. Holly Deak, Prof. Alisa Lando, and Dr. Allen Price to march at the Boston March for Science. The group was also joined by students and faculty of Biology, Math, and Psychology. Emmanuel supports...


Presentation at The 11th Annual Muddy River Symposium

Posted on Apr 26 by

Tyler Billick ’18, Kathryn Daigle ’19, and Kellie Roche ’18,  in CHEM 2104 – Analytical Chemistry, presented class data on water hardness and heavy metal content at the 11th Annual Muddy River Symposium held at Wheelock College. These chemistry majors prepared an excellent poster presentation and won a poster session award. Congrats...


The Little Mermaid Production

Posted on Apr 18 by

Congratulations to David Tracy, Sadie Piatt, and Christian Kelly on their spectacular performances in Emmanuel’s production of the Little Mermaid! They represented great liberal arts chemists and were even nominated for several awards by KC/ACTF including the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship (David Tracy) as well as the Barbizon Award for Achievement in Lighting Design (Christian Kelly). Way to represent the Chemistry and Physics...


Sophomore Pinning 2017

Posted on Apr 12 by

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Sophomore pinning and welcome to the department!   Sophomores (Class of 2019)                                                         Freshmen (Class of 2020) Karissa Mehrtens                                                                                       Alexander Paige Jake Shlaferman Kathryn Daigle Sarah Faria Marissa Parker Shirley Qiu Alexis Franco Nicole Conte Kylia Teixeira Dan Lachance Emma Duffy Robert Jencks Marielle Percuoco Connor...


An Interview with Ivan Barrera

Posted on Apr 11 by

Ivan Barrera, EC alum, pursues a Pharmaceutics Master of Science program at MCPHS University. When asked what made him want to study chemistry, Ivan mentioned that he was undecided when he first started out. With math being his favorite subject, he wanted to use it in conjunction within another field. “This is when chemistry came into play” states Ivan. Not thinking he was “smart enough,” Ivan ruled out chemistry initially but was eventually attracted to the opportunities that came along with it. Ivan was made aware that once fall semester sophomore year came around, the only way for him to fulfill all his requirements was to take the accelerated introductory chemistry course which was taught by Dr. Ryvkin. Ivan gives praise to Dr. Ryvkin saying that “Up to this day, I don’t think I would have stuck with chemistry had it not been for Dr. Ryvkin and the way she pushed me that semester and in all of the other classes I took with her later, especially the rough one, P Chem.” Ivan says that the reason he chose Emmanuel was because of its location, the variety of programs it has to offer, the opportunity to play soccer, and the close community. One of his best experiences...


Students and Faculty present at ACS San Francisco

Posted on Apr 4 by

Congrats to TJ, Katerina, Krista, Jason, and Jack as well as Dr. Sears and Dr. Gerdon on their presentations at the ACS conference in San Francisco. Great presentations included: Synthesis, characterization and photosensitization in a series of Ru(phen)2(quo)]+ complexes Development of methods for kinetic analysis of templated and untemplated calcium phosphate mineralization DNA aptamers that bind with high affinity to hydroxyapatite Gerdon – Dynamic interactions of amelogenin with hydroxyapatite surfaces are dependent on protein phosphorylation and solution pH Sears – IONiC VIPEr workshops: Bringing current literature into the classroom Sears – Light activation and triggered drug release of multi-agent loaded nanoconstructs for simultaneous suppression of multiple treatment escape pathways in the pancreatic...