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Chemistry at the Centennial Celebration!

Posted on Feb 3 by

The Centennial Celebration (1919 to 2019) kicked off on Friday, February 1st 2019 with a concert on campus by the Eli Cash Band, featuring Philosophy’s own Dr. Kaplan Hasanoglu. The excitement didn’t end there. There were surprise guest performances by Ellen Still, Greg Pare, Dr. Ben Allen, Dr. Ryan Mott, Dr. Adam Silver, and Chemistry’s Dr. Aren Gerdon (rockin on the saxophone). At Emmanuel we are chemists, but also musicians and have so many other...


Sadie Piatt’18 and Prof. Allen Price publish in PLOS ONE

Posted on Jan 15 by

Congratulations to recent graduate Sadie Piatt’18 and Prof. Allen Price on their recent publication in the journal PLOS ONE! The manuscript is on “Analyzing dwell times with the Generalized Method of Moments”. Check out the abstract and full open-access publication here. This work was primarily completed during Sadie’s internship on campus and during her work towards a successful Distinction in the Field project. Sadie is now a graduate student in Biophysics at Harvard Medical School. This work was funded by the National Science Foundation RUI Award (MCB-1715317) and by Emmanuel College and was fueled by Dr. Price’s dedication to exceptional undergraduate research at Emmanuel College....


Career in Chemistry: New focus and opportunities for EC Chemistry Major

Posted on Dec 18 by

A Major in Chemistry – what can you do with that? How do I find a meaningful and fulfilling career that puts this amazing theory and skill to good use? We hear these questions often in the Department of Chemistry and Physics and we are excited to share a new path for students to travel on their way to life after graduation. The department has made some updates to the Chemistry Major that are in line with current College internship requirements, but are also innovative in helping students connect theory to practice through new internship and seminar experiences. Beginning in Spring 2020, the department will offer a new “Seminar in Chemistry” course intended for our Junior Chemistry Majors. This course will have the same focus on scientific writing and presentation skills that all Chemistry Majors need to practice, but will include more information on career preparations and will help students to identify avenues for internships. This will be a required course in the junior year for our majors. Aligning with the new College-wide internship requirement, the Chemistry Major will...


Final Exams and a Semester of Success

Posted on Dec 13 by

Final Exams at Emmanuel College have begun and students are working hard to put one last flourish and one last stamp of success on their coursework and education this semester. As we wade through piles of review sheets, semester papers, and open-ended exam questions, don’t forget all the triumphs, challenges, and fun we’ve had this semester. Here are a few reminders from the department: Science Living Learning Community (SLLC) Thanksgiving potluck – Our scientists enjoy a good cupcake, periodically. Forum for Emmanuel’s Natural Sciences (FENS) featured Dr. Clare Mehta and Dr. Anu Seshan   Students in Physical Chemistry were busy testing out candy corn for Halloween Students went on guided tours of the Merck Research Labs located right here on our beautiful campus!   Chem Club mastered pumpkin carving Students volunteered at the Museum of Science and Boston Children’s Museum for National Chemistry Week Students in Instrumental Analysis built functioning spectrophotometers out of Legos and...


A world of possibilities in the School of Sciences and Health

Posted on Oct 31 by

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, students and faculty were able to come together in the Cardinal Cushing Library to have a forum-based discussion involving the opportunities found within the School of Sciences and Health at Emmanuel College. The panelists consisted of Emmanuel’s esteemed Faculty members, included Dr. Benjamin Allen an Associate Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Anupama Seshan an Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Linda Lin an Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Michelle Watt an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Xiaowei Zhao an Associate Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Padraig Deighan an Associate Professor of Biology. The meeting gave students an opportunity to ask questions regarding the numerous possibilities and opportunities found within the School of Sciences and Health at Emmanuel. As well as getting a chance to hear about the faculty panelists individual journeys through education and academics. ~Written by Molly Keane...


The Toys You Grow Up With

Posted on Oct 19 by

How Emmanuel College students are using LEGOs to challenge traditional materials and tools used in experiments. LEGOs, for some a toy from a distant past, but for the students in Dr. Aren Gerdon’s Instrumental Methods of Analysis class, Legos are helping lay down the “building blocks” for a new kind of design. The class utilized these multi-colored nostalgia-evoking blocks to build an instrument that can measure the traces of red dye in various substances. As children, LEGOs were used to create large towers and elaborate spaceships, but now students are incorporating these children’s toy and challenging the traditional materials and tools used in scientific research settings. Since 2012, The LEGO Group has become the world’s most valuable toy company with an estimated value at over 14.6 billion dollars. With all of the many pieces and sets, the possibilities for creation are endless, and is fueling many future generations to “Just Imagine”. When initially walking into the lab students were hard at work using duck tape, wire cutters, and of course LEGOs to create their designs. Every student’s concept and...