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A world of possibilities in the School of Sciences and Health

Posted on Oct 31 by

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, students and faculty were able to come together in the Cardinal Cushing Library to have a forum-based discussion involving the opportunities found within the School of Sciences and Health at Emmanuel College. The panelists consisted of Emmanuel’s esteemed Faculty members, included Dr. Benjamin Allen an Associate Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Anupama Seshan an Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Linda Lin an Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Michelle Watt an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Xiaowei Zhao an Associate Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Padraig Deighan an Associate Professor of Biology. The meeting gave students an opportunity to ask questions regarding the numerous possibilities and opportunities found within the School of Sciences and Health at Emmanuel. As well as getting a chance to hear about the faculty panelists individual journeys through education and academics. ~Written by Molly Keane...


The Toys You Grow Up With

Posted on Oct 19 by

How Emmanuel College students are using LEGOs to challenge traditional materials and tools used in experiments. LEGOs, for some a toy from a distant past, but for the students in Dr. Aren Gerdon’s Instrumental Methods of Analysis class, Legos are helping lay down the “building blocks” for a new kind of design. The class utilized these multi-colored nostalgia-evoking blocks to build an instrument that can measure the traces of red dye in various substances. As children, LEGOs were used to create large towers and elaborate spaceships, but now students are incorporating these children’s toy and challenging the traditional materials and tools used in scientific research settings. Since 2012, The LEGO Group has become the world’s most valuable toy company with an estimated value at over 14.6 billion dollars. With all of the many pieces and sets, the possibilities for creation are endless, and is fueling many future generations to “Just Imagine”. When initially walking into the lab students were hard at work using duck tape, wire cutters, and of course LEGOs to create their designs. Every student’s concept and...


Colon Cancer “Get Your Rear In Gear”

Posted on Sep 26 by

This past weekend, the Emmanuel College community consisting of Students, Faculty, and Alumni were able to join together to raise money for Colon Cancer research and awareness. The event called “Get Your Rear in Gear” was held at Carson Beach in Boston, where participants could either Run or Walk a 5K. Several current students who are part of the Emmanuel College Community Outreach Club helped set up the event and distribute water to runners passing by. The day was quite a success, the weather was spectacular and the Emmanuel College community was able to honor Dr. Christine Jaworek-Lopes, who lost her life to this devastating disease. Dr. Jaworek-Lopes was a former Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics, and touched the lives of many people during her time at Emmanuel College. The Emmanuel College faculty and alumni participated in this race, with the hope of spreading awareness and increasing colon cancer screenings. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United...


Aren Gerdon and student researchers publish!

Posted on Sep 17 by

Congratulations to Aimee Sanford ’16, Geoff Conklin ’15, and Jason Miech ’18 for the fantastic work, recently published in Materials Science & Engineering C! “Solution rheological parameters modulate calcium phosphate mineralization in a microfluidic device” This work is primarily based on the Distinction in the Field work by Geoff, Aimee, and Jason. It is an interesting combination of the engineering and chemistry aspects of controlling solid-forming reactions, like calcium phosphate mineralization, in a microfluidic device. Check out the abstract here! Congrats to Aimee, Geoff, and Jason!...


Welcome back!

Posted on Sep 5 by

On the morning of this centennial year, I’m struck by the rich history of Emmanuel Saints that have studied before us and I’m astounded by the progress that chemists have made in the past 100 years. Think about what those chemistry students were studying at Emmanuel College back in 1919! We have much to learn this year and for the next 100 years. Best wishes to all on a wonderful, challenging, and rewarding academic year. I’m so glad that our students are back on campus! Dr. Aren Gerdon Chair, Department of Chemistry and...


Busy Summers in Chemistry & Physics

Posted on Aug 31 by

While the campus may be quiet during the summer months, the Wilkens Science Center is always bustling with faculty and student research activity! Here are a few wonderful updates from faculty members this summer: Dr. Michelle Watt – Joined the Department of Chemistry and Physics as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry. We are very excited for the expertise she brings to the organic chemistry team and for new research projects in non-covalent interactions and towards replacements for BPA-type plastics. Prof. Eric Camire – Published the manuscript “Approaches to Interrogate the Role of Nucleotide Hydrolysis by Metal Trafficking NTPases: The Nbp35–Cfd1 Iron–Sulfur Cluster Scaffold as a Case Study” in Methods in Enzymology with co-authors at Boston University. Dr. Aren Gerdon – Presented research and education talks at two conferences this summer, the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Gordon Research Conference on Biomineralization. Three students, Jake Shlaferman, Emma Duffy, and Alex Paige, also presented at the ACS meeting. Dr. Allen Price – Presented research talks with students at two conferences this summer, the Biophysical Society...