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1st Friendly Emmanuel Natural Sciences Seminar (FENSS)

Posted on Nov 22 by

The inaugural session of the new Friendly Emmanuel Natural Science Seminar (FENSS, for the Fenway) was held in October. This seminar series is jointly hosted by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and Psychology and will feature Emmanuel faculty, Emmanuel students, and esteemed invited scientists from across the Boston area. In this first session, Dr. Allen Price, Associate Professor of Physics, and Dr. Benjamin Allen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, presented about the research they each conduct on campus and beyond. Both research topics have to do with understanding and predicting natural phenomena in everyday life.  Dr. Price presented on, “How DNA binding proteins find their way: Your binding site is only a hop, skip and a jump away…” and Dr. Allen presented on “Evolution in time and space.” Dr. Price investigates the way in which DNA binding proteins are able to determine the specific location in the genome that they are suppose to bind to and quickly work. More specifically, it has been observed through sensitive techniques that proteins actually slide on a DNA molecule. Dr. Price...


NESACS Travel Grant awarded to Krista Meserve 18’ and Francis Delano 18’

Posted on Nov 12 by

Senior chemistry majors, Krista Meserve and Francis Delano, were recently awarded Grants In Aid ( to attend and present at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society conference in New Orleans this spring. Krista Meserve has been part of Dr. Gerdon’s research team for three years while Francis has been part of Dr. Sears’ research team since his freshmen year. Both research enthusiasts attended and presented at the ACS conference in San Francisco last spring. The travel award was highly competitive and covers part of the cost to travel to New Orleans to present the results of the research they have been doing over the years. It is so exciting to see such deserving students receive an amazing award such as this one. Wishing them both the best in their research and in New Orleans this upcoming spring! ~Written by Brielle Favole...


Emmanuel College helps National Chemistry Week Rock!

Posted on Nov 2 by

October 22nd through October 28th the country celebrated National Chemistry Week! National chemistry week is an event put on throughout the nation that encourages members of the American Chemical Society and others to raise awareness of chemistry at the local level and get people of all ages to learn ways in which chemistry is applicable to real life. Each year there is a different theme to National Chemistry Week. This year, the theme was “Chemistry Rocks.” Boston celebrated National Chemistry Week by hosting events at the Museum of Science as well as at the Boston Children’s Museum. Emmanuel students, faculty, and staff volunteered at and attended both events including the department’s very own Prof. Eric Camire. Both of these events mostly catered to teaching kids about chemistry. While volunteering, chemists helped eager kids with experiments having to do with rocks. For example, one experiment showed how gems were made from rocks using pressure by using clay, rice, and a rolling pin. Another experiment allowed kids to drop rocks into water to observe the fact that different rocks had different...


Dr. Price at the Rally for Medical Research Capitol Hill Day

Posted on Oct 1 by

On Wednesday September 13th, physics professor and research enthusiast, Dr. Price traveled to Washington D.C to attend The Rally for Medical Research Capitol Hill Day. People at this rally included researchers and people who have been directly impacted by medical research itself. The purpose of this rally is to call on the country’s policymakers to make funding for the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation a national priority and raise awareness about the importance of continued investment in medical research. This investment in medical research ultimately leads to more progress, more hope, and more lives saved. Similarly, federal funding in this medical research has given a number of student researchers here at Emmanuel world class training opportunities that they may otherwise not have gotten without funding from either of theses institutions. Its so amazing to see some of our very own taking action! ~by Brielle Favole...


Alumni attend Women in STEM Conference

Posted on Oct 1 by

Jennifer Scarborough ’17 and Katerina Luarasi ’17 attended the women in STEM conference “Cracking the Code: The Next Generation of Women in STEM” presented by Atlantic Live! It is great to have dedicated and engaged alumni leading the way after...


Louis Booysen ’18 takes on American Chemical Society National Meeting!

Posted on Sep 22 by

This summer Dr. Faina Ryvkin’s research group traveled to Washington D.C to attend the American Chemical Society national meeting at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. A part of this research team is senior chemistry major, Louis Booysen. Louis had the amazing opportunity to present the research that he and his team have been working on throughout the academic years and the summer. In general, the group is interested in determining the overall structure of Lysyl Oxidase, which is a catalytic enzyme that functions in the extracellular matrix of the cell. The importance behind this research lies in the fact that Lysyl Oxidase is involved in a multitude of fibrotic diseases and also plays a role in some forms of cancer. The main problem with Lysyl Oxidase is the fact that the x-ray structure of the enzyme is unknown. This summer, Louis along with other members of his group made use of molecular modeling experiments in order to better understand the three dimensional structure of Lysyl Oxidase. They employed both homology modeling and threading techniques in hopes of uncovering...