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Dr. Carley Henderson Promoted to Senior Lecturer

Posted on Jan 25 by

The Department is excited to congratulate Dr. Carley Henderson on her recent promotion to Senior Lecturer. Dr. Henderson has been teaching at Emmanuel College since 2013 and has brought so much to the development of the organic chemistry lecture and lab over the years. She has worked with students on amazing projects in Advanced Chemical Synthesis, such as the synthesis of the flavor components of strawberries, and has introduced many liberal arts students to the joy of chemistry in Chemistry of Art and Chemistry of Everyday Life. She has been a leader in our department and a great resource for students groups including the Chemistry Club and the Science Living Learning Community (SLLC). Congratulations Dr....


Social Justice and Chemistry

Posted on Nov 20 by

A new course was offered last Spring 2020 in the Department of Chemistry and Physics called Seminar in Chemistry. Variations on this course have been taught in the past in our department – the focus on ethics, scientific writing, and the application of chemistry is so essential to our major – but it had never been taught with a theme of social justice. In fact, chemistry and social justice are two areas that have not previously been put together to any great extent in chemistry education, though some examples do exist. The students in the course, with their professor Dr. Aren Gerdon, set out to examine the connection and came up with some inspiring examples. This course and the connection between chemistry and social justice was recently described in the Journal of Chemical Education (click to read the abstract). Connecting Chemistry to Social Justice in a Seminar Course for Chemistry Majors This work highlights something unique about Emmanuel College and the Department of Chemistry and Physics. We can and want to use amazing and in-depth chemistry to make a...


Welcome to New Faculty!

Posted on Aug 11 by

The Department of Chemistry and Physics would like to send a very happy welcome to new members of our department, Lecturer Dr. Jessica Bocanegra and Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Juan Duchimaza Heredia! We are excited for all that they bring to our department and to Emmanuel College. Please join us in helping them to feel at home in the WSC! Dr. Juan Duchimaza Heredia earned his PhD in Physical Chemistry at Iowa State University after double-majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science at Ithaca College. He completed postdoctoral research in computational physical chemistry at Boston University and served as a Science Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Academy in Newton, MA. Dr. Heredia has a special interest in hiking (seeing nature), filling out crossword puzzles, and reading comics. This fall semester Dr. Heredia will be teaching Physical Chemistry lecture and lab as well as Principles of Chemistry lab.           Dr. Jessica Bocanegra earned her PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Vermont after completing an ACS-certified major in Chemistry at The College of New Jersey. She has extensive...


Congratulations to Darren Cornell ’16!

Posted on Jul 21 by

The Department of Chemistry and Physics, especially the lab managers, faculty, student workers, and IAs, would like to say a sad farewell and a hearty congratulations to Darren Cornell! Darren has been the Assistant Lab Manager in our department for almost four years and has kept us all going strong in every kind of lab and tech situation imaginable. Darren recently finished his MS in Management from Emmanuel College and we are thrilled that he has a new position in compound management at Sanofi Genzyme. Since he will only be across the river in Cambridge, we expect to see Darren on campus again soon. Best of chemistry in your new position and congrats...


Congratulations to Dr. Faina Ryvkin!

Posted on Jul 14 by

The Department of Chemistry and Physics faculty, students, and alumni would like to express sincere congratulations and thanks to Dr. Faina Ryvkin. Dr. Ryvkin has concluded 20 years of teaching, service, and leadership in the department and at Emmanuel College. Her dedication to her students and to physical chemistry has been a hallmark of her teaching. She has inspired in her students a dedication to physical chemistry that has persisted over the years. Dr. Ryvkin served as Department Chair and as the Associate Dean of the School of Science and Health in the past few years, paving the way for our recent accreditation by the American Chemical Society. She has been an exceptional colleague and mentor to other faculty in the department and we all wish her the very best in her retirement from teaching. Dr. Ryvkin will always be a Saint and valued...


Chemistry in a Virtual World

Posted on May 26 by

Following Spring Break, in March 2020, the Emmanuel College Department of Chemistry and Physics joined the world in online education. We excelled in reaching and educating students in ways that many other institutions could not match. We had our challenges, but also successes and outcomes that were uniquely Emmanuel. What is chemistry like in a virtual world and what was the experience like for students, faculty, and staff? Faculty We panicked. Then we got to work flipping classrooms, recording video lectures, and moving labs online. (We also learned how to teach elementary school, managed child care, worked within 10 feet of a family member who’s on a loud phone call. Think about 20 first graders on a Zoom call together… pandemonium…) What did our classes look like? It was messy at first and we all struggled with learning Zoom, finding that great app to use as a whiteboard, or just finding a physical whiteboard to write on. We spent hours in front of our computers each day, alongside students, lecturing, working problems, holding office hours, teaching, and supporting-encouraging students....