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The Department of Chemistry and Physics would like to send a very happy welcome to new members of our department, Lecturer Dr. Jessica Bocanegra and Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Juan Duchimaza Heredia! We are excited for all that they bring to our department and to Emmanuel College. Please join us in helping them to feel at home in the WSC!

Dr. Juan Duchimaza Heredia, Visiting Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry

Dr. Juan Duchimaza Heredia earned his PhD in Physical Chemistry at Iowa State University after double-majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science at Ithaca College. He completed postdoctoral research in computational physical chemistry at Boston University and served as a Science Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Academy in Newton, MA. Dr. Heredia has a special interest in hiking (seeing nature), filling out crossword puzzles, and reading comics. This fall semester Dr. Heredia will be teaching Physical Chemistry lecture and lab as well as Principles of Chemistry lab.






Dr. Jessica Bocanegra, Lecturer, General Chemistry

Dr. Jessica Bocanegra earned her PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Vermont after completing an ACS-certified major in Chemistry at The College of New Jersey. She has extensive experience in undergraduate education and mentoring. Dr. Bocanegra has special interests in student life and mentoring students outside of the classroom. As a graduate student at UVM, she served as an advisor for a number of undergraduate student organizations and clubs. She even served as the graduate student body president her last year at UVM! This fall semester Dr. Bocanegra will be teaching Principles of Chemistry lectures and labs.