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October 22nd through October 28th the country celebrated National Chemistry Week! National chemistry week is an event put on throughout the nation that encourages members of the American Chemical Society and others to raise awareness of chemistry at the local level and get people of all ages to learn ways in which chemistry is applicable to real life. Each year there is a different theme to National Chemistry Week. This year, the theme was “Chemistry Rocks.” Boston celebrated National Chemistry Week by hosting events at the Museum of Science as well as at the Boston Children’s Museum. Emmanuel students, faculty, and staff volunteered at and attended both events including the department’s very own Prof. Eric Camire. Both of these events mostly catered to teaching kids about chemistry. While volunteering, chemists helped eager kids with experiments having to do with rocks. For example, one experiment showed how gems were made from rocks using pressure by using clay, rice, and a rolling pin. Another experiment allowed kids to drop rocks into water to observe the fact that different rocks had different densities. Science, more specifically chemistry, is applicable to almost all aspects of life. Its amazing to see people of all ages coming together to learn!

~Written by Brielle Favole ’18