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Throwback to year ago when Chemistry of Fire and Explosives, a two thousand level chemistry elective, was being offered. The course covers the different types of fire and explosives that exist in the world and their relation to combustion, fire-fighting, military, and forensics. Throughout the course, there are a variety of demonstrations done that are valuable when it comes to understanding the properties of fire and explosives and how they work in the world.

Fire safety is another priority in this class and one of coolest demonstrations done last spring was the fire extinguisher training. During this training, students learned about the different types of fire extinguishes used to fight different fires. The different types of fire extinguishers include Class A which is ordinary combustibles like wood and paper; Class B is flammable liquids, such as gasoline or cooking oil; Class C is flammable gases like hydrogen and methane; Class D is combustible metals like magnesium and potassium; Class E is electrical equipment; and Class F is fires that have to do with cooking like cooking oils. These classes are important to know because the one should have the appropriate fire extinguisher in a given space so that in case of emergency they could put out or escape from a given fire safely. To check out the technique that the class learned, click on the link below!


~Written by Brielle Favole ’18