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In March, seven members of the Emmanuel College Department of Chemistry and Physics had the opportunity to attend the 255th American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans. Members of Dr. Gerdon’s research group including seniors, Krista Meserve, Jason Miech, and Robert Tzepos, all had the opportunity to present their own posters on the research they have been working on since they were sophomores. Similarly, members of Dr. Sears’ research group including seniors, Francis Delano and Kellie Roche were able to present a joint poster on the research they have been working on since they were freshmen. All of the seniors have read the Physical Chemistry textbook written by Dr. Peter Atkins and had the opportunity to meet him and take a picture with him at the conference!

After asking Kellie Roche what her favorite part of the conference was she said, “I really enjoyed being able to attend the different talks at the conference. A lot of the talks were in subjects we don’t always get  to talk about at Emmanuel like environmental chemistry or agriculture chemistry. It is always really amazing to see all the parts of society that chemistry is able to reach and all the different paths that one could take in the field.”