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Materials have such a tangible place in our society, it’s hard to ignore the chemistry that goes into their synthesis, production, and use at a molecular level. Our senior chemistry majors spent their final semester learning about the Chemistry of Materials and presented an impressive array of topics to our department and to the Emmanuel College community. These presentations took place during a poster session allowing anyone to take a leisurely stroll by or to stop for an in-depth discussion. Attendees came to find out what penguins, Kevlar, squid, fireworks, contact lenses, and graphene have in common! The poster session was a wonderful success and we are all proud of their hard work. The range of projects was impressive – check out the project titles below.

Functionalizing Cellulose Acetate Nanofibers for Increased Electronic Productivity and Safety for Medical Devices

Oral Peptide Drug Delivery Assisted by Nanoparticle Carriers

Detection of Nitroaromatic Compounds through use of Fluorescent Metal Organic Frameworks

3D Printing of Cellulosic Materials for Biomedical Applications

Improving the Tensile Strength, Environmental Sensitivities, and Energy Absorptivity of Kevlar for Use in Body Armor

Use of single-layer graphene for water desalination

Metal Organic Frameworks for Water Adsorption Applications

Progress in Transparent Solar Cells Using Metal Based Nanoparticle Semi-Conductors

Silicon-based nanowire field-effect transistor diagnostics for common disease biomarkers

Development of Bioglass Composites for Osteogenic Regeneration to Improve the Current Bone Repair Model

“Green” Alternatives to Green Pyrotechnics

Monitoring Glucose Levels Through a Smart Contact Lens

Penguin-Inspired Icephobic and Superhydrophobic Biomimetic Materials

Artificial Photonic Actuators Inspired by Cephalopod Skins