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While the campus may be quiet during the summer months, the Wilkens Science Center is always bustling with faculty and student research activity! Here are a few wonderful updates from faculty members this summer:

Dr. Michelle Watt – Joined the Department of Chemistry and Physics as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry. We are very excited for the expertise she brings to the organic chemistry team and for new research projects in non-covalent interactions and towards replacements for BPA-type plastics.

Prof. Eric Camire – Published the manuscript “Approaches to Interrogate the Role of Nucleotide Hydrolysis by Metal Trafficking NTPases: The Nbp35–Cfd1 Iron–Sulfur Cluster Scaffold as a Case Study” in Methods in Enzymology with co-authors at Boston University.

Dr. Aren Gerdon – Presented research and education talks at two conferences this summer, the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Gordon Research Conference on Biomineralization. Three students, Jake Shlaferman, Emma Duffy, and Alex Paige, also presented at the ACS meeting.

Dr. Allen Price – Presented research talks with students at two conferences this summer, the Biophysical Society conference and the Gordon Research Conference on Single Molecule Approaches to Biology.

Summer Research Program – Faculty in the department had 10 students engaged in research projects over the summer. These students were supported by Allen Price’s recent NSF grant “RUI: Elucidating the mechanisms of site specific DNA cleavage using single molecule methods” and by the Summer Research Program at Emmanuel College.