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Final Exams at Emmanuel College have begun and students are working hard to put one last flourish and one last stamp of success on their coursework and education this semester. As we wade through piles of review sheets, semester papers, and open-ended exam questions, don’t forget all the triumphs, challenges, and fun we’ve had this semester. Here are a few reminders from the department:

  • Science Living Learning Community (SLLC) Thanksgiving potluck – Our scientists enjoy a good cupcake, periodically.

  • Forum for Emmanuel’s Natural Sciences (FENS) featured Dr. Clare Mehta and Dr. Anu Seshan


  • Students in Physical Chemistry were busy testing out candy corn for Halloween

  • Students went on guided tours of the Merck Research Labs located right here on our beautiful campus!


  • Chem Club mastered pumpkin carving

  • Students volunteered at the Museum of Science and Boston Children’s Museum for National Chemistry Week

  • Students in Instrumental Analysis built functioning spectrophotometers out of Legos and more