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A Major in Chemistry – what can you do with that? How do I find a meaningful and fulfilling career that puts this amazing theory and skill to good use?

We hear these questions often in the Department of Chemistry and Physics and we are excited to share a new path for students to travel on their way to life after graduation. The department has made some updates to the Chemistry Major that are in line with current College internship requirements, but are also innovative in helping students connect theory to practice through new internship and seminar experiences. Beginning in Spring 2020, the department will offer a new “Seminar in Chemistry” course intended for our Junior Chemistry Majors. This course will have the same focus on scientific writing and presentation skills that all Chemistry Majors need to practice, but will include more information on career preparations and will help students to identify avenues for internships. This will be a required course in the junior year for our majors. Aligning with the new College-wide internship requirement, the Chemistry Major will also require an internship. We will offer an “Internship in Chemistry” course in Fall 2020. This required internship, either research or experiential, either on campus or off campus, will follow directly from the junior level seminar course and will lead senior level students on a path towards industry placement, entry to chemistry teaching, or applications to medical, professional, and graduate programs. We believe that this approach will be a big advantage to all Chemistry Majors and we can’t wait to get started.