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On Wednesday April 3rd, 2019, Chemistry and Physics faculty, students, and alumni gathered in the new residence hall to welcome the new chemistry majors, discuss the different career paths in chemistry, and celebrate the success of alumni out in the real world. 

Emmanuel College’s Class of 2014 Victoria Perrone was the key note speaker. Victoria is a Chemistry Instructor and Director of Student Life at Boston University Academy. She discussed the different paths to becoming a teacher, as well as her journey to become a chemistry teacher. She shared the importance of teaching and the joys that come along with it. Victoria talked about one of her favorite projects that her students present throughout the year in the classroom. The project includes picking a topic of interest such as a sport, a favorite movie, or an everyday used product, and connecting/relating chemistry to that topic of interest. After Victoria’s presentation, students and faculty discussed with alumni their current jobs, research, and education. 

The Chemistry and Physics department would like to thank the Chemistry Club for organizing the event and alumni for coming back to Emmanuel College to share their careers in chemistry!

~Written by A. Castelluccio