Posted by on Apr 22, 2020 in Student News |

The chemistry majors in Seminar this semester have been getting a taste of “what comes next” in their pursuit of chemistry and a career. A fantastic presentation by the Emmanuel College Career Center kicked things off and was followed in February by a series of presentations by the students on a career path of their choice, include high school chemistry teacher, research scientist, forensic chemist, pharmacist, and medical doctor. A big support for these students is knowing that we have recent alumni in each of these fields and more who are ready to help and offer advice.

While the on-campus “Majors Meet Alumni Event” had to be cancelled, our alumni wouldn’t be turned away and many were able to join the class via Zoom to talk about their career paths and progress. A major theme that came out of the meeting was encouragement to students to continue to learn and explore after Emmanuel College – don’t be tied to one career track, but keep your eyes open to the possibilities in front of you. When something interesting comes before you, take advantage!

Thank you to our alumni, Sal, Hillary, Jenn, Sadie, Karissa, Darren, Kelly, and more for their help!